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Pen and ink drawing by Henry Fuseli of Richard III reclining as spirits surround him.

Detail of reconstruction of the Second Globe Theatre

Displays Globe stage as seen by the audience. Includes actor balconies, trap doors, red marble pillars, and blue and gold painted sky ceiling.

Shows view of stage and audience from an actor's perspective. Stage features two red marble pillars with gilded tops and a painted ceiling featuring the sky. Three levels of audience seating is also visible.

Photograph of exterior white side of the Globe Theatre. Roof is charcoal. People exit through an ornate gate connected to a brick barrier wall.

Description: In this illustration, a 'ghost' prepares to ascend the ladder and appear on stage via the trapdoor. Two young apprentices mechanically operate the trapdoor, which slides back and forth on specially constructed grooves. Aside from the…

This imaginative illustration features a lone actor performing on a proscenium stage in the courtyard area of an Elizabethan London inn. Surrounding the temporarily constructed stage on three sides is a densely packed audience. Beyond the confines…

This view of London, from a hillside in present day Islington, provides a rare glimpse at life in the northern suburbs of London during the late 16th century. In the left-center of the frame stands a polygonal three-story structure with a flag…

Image Description: This detailed view depicts two key Bankside (i.e., located along the south bank of the Thames River) entertainment options for Elizabethan audiences: the second Globe Theater and the nearby Bear-baiting Arena. Across the Thames…
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