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A woman in a brown and white gown and blue satin draping sits with her left breast bare, left hand resting on a golden container. She gestures towards a spaniel standing at her left. Background includes a view out a window and a rich blue and gold…

Savigny as Oroonoko in blackface, wearing elaborate cape, frock coat, and britches, holds knife close to Imoinda. Imoinda wears a veil, beauty mark, and a frock with petticoat. She holds out her hand to him and he is turned away from her. Setting is…

Kitty Clive sits with a book of music open on her lap, looking at the viewer. She wears a decollete gown with puffed sleeves ending at the elbow. At her right an open window is partly draped with a dark curtain. Her right elbow rests on a cushion.

Map showing location of theaters and relevant sites.

Reconstruction of the interior of a playhouse (probably Drury Lane, circa 1674) and exterior streets, represented from an overhead cut-away view. Parts of building labeled.

A woman pulls on red breeches, aided by her serving-maid on the left, while a partially-shaved poodle looks on. A pair of stays, a sword, and a playbill sit on a stool; behind them is a dressing table with cosmetics on the right; background includes…

Actor Will Kemp, wearing bells on his ankles, performs a Morris Dance. Behind him, a man plays a pipe and drum.

Actress Sarah Siddons is pictured as Melpomene, classical muse of tragedy. She sits enthroned on clouds; behind her are figures representing pity and terror. Pity holds a knife; terror holds a chalice. See another description at WikiPaintings.

A view of the interior of the theater at Drury Lane showing actors on stage and audience members in the box and orchestra seats.

The title page of She Stoops to Conquer as published in 1773 by F. Newberry. Little ornamentation.
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