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Scene design from University of Florida's recent production of Man of Mode.

Full-length portrait of Susannah Cibber in the role of Imoinda. She looks to the right with both hands outstretched in front of her. She wears a frilled cap with a trailing scarf on her wrist and a heavy gown adorned with tassels from her waist.

Savigny as Oroonoko in blackface, wearing elaborate cape, frock coat, and britches, holds knife close to Imoinda. Imoinda wears a veil, beauty mark, and a frock with petticoat. She holds out her hand to him and he is turned away from her. Setting is…

A BBC interpretation of Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III as he speaks of his desire for the throne.

Actress Sarah Siddons is pictured holding a tragic mask and a dagger beside a monument to Shakespeare. Resting at the top right of the monument is a comic mask. For further description see NPG.

Cast list and first page from the first printed edition of The Rover (1677).

Half-length portrait of Thomas Otway from the Romantic era

This view of London, from a hillside in present day Islington, provides a rare glimpse at life in the northern suburbs of London during the late 16th century. In the left-center of the frame stands a polygonal three-story structure with a flag…

A woman pulls on red breeches, aided by her serving-maid on the left, while a partially-shaved poodle looks on. A pair of stays, a sword, and a playbill sit on a stool; behind them is a dressing table with cosmetics on the right; background includes…
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