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Photograph of exterior white side of the Globe Theatre. Roof is charcoal. People exit through an ornate gate connected to a brick barrier wall.

Shows view of stage and audience from an actor's perspective. Stage features two red marble pillars with gilded tops and a painted ceiling featuring the sky. Three levels of audience seating is also visible.

Displays Globe stage as seen by the audience. Includes actor balconies, trap doors, red marble pillars, and blue and gold painted sky ceiling.

Grading scale for the 1757-1758 theater season. Comedians ranked in terms of Genius, Judgment, Vis Comica (comic power or talent) and Variety.

Grading scale for the 1757-1758 theater season. Tragedians ranked in terms of Genius, Judgment, Expression, Action and Voice.

title page for The Way of the World in 1700, the year it was first performed at Lincoln's-Inn-Fields.

Ballad printed c. 1687 about Anglo-Irish relations in the reign of James II. Digitized, transcribed, and recorded by the English Broadside Ballad Archive.

In this portrait, Ben Jonson wears a black shirt and white collar.

Full-length portrait of Smith in the role of Imoinda. Unlike other adaptations of Oroonoko at the time (including the Hawkesworth version in which Smith is performing), Smith plays in blackface. With arms outstretched and draped with a white scarf,…
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