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Ceramic sculpture of David Garrick (1717-1779) as Richard III, dated 1772.

Half-length portrait of David Garrick. Sitting, he leans forward facing the viewer. In his left hand, he holds a book.

Portrait of Garrick and his wife. Garrick sits facing the audience in a blue and gold. Leaning on his right hand, he holds a quill, he holds his left out outstretched. Behind him, standing is his wife in a gold gown preparing to pluck the quill from…

Provoked Wife.jpg
David Garrick in costume as Lord Brute disguised as his wife, Lady Brute, in The Provoked Wife.


Lear Feather 1.jpg
The final scene of the RSC Production of King Lear at the Lincoln Center Festival.


Engraving image of Anne Merry portraying Cordelia on the heath.


Mahogany chair with medallion of William Shakespeare in profile. On the hoofed legs of the chair, there are faces. On the crest is a feather quill, a mask, a scroll, a trumpet and a dagger. For further information, see The Royal Collection Trust.

Elizabeth Hartley as Cleopatra 197.jpg
Act 5, Scene 3. Cleopatra stands and holds a knife in her right hand, and extends her left arm saying, : "I die, I will not bear it"

Elizabeth Hartley as Cleopatra 194.jpg
Act 5. Cleopatra sits with both of her arms extended asking: "Where shall I find him, where? Oh, turn me to him!"

--What scene is this quote from?
--How would you the costume? What are the dominant features?

In a production of Macbeth, three witches are seen performing half above and half below the stage. This image gives both an on-stage and off-stage view. To the left of the witches, backstage commotion including props and actors are seen. From the…
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